Rates & Services

I offer 1-hour individual sessions as well as packages of 5 and 10 at discounted rates. Coaching sessions are done remotely through video conferencing, so all you’ll need is the internet and your device of choice!

1 Hour Coaching Session – $75.00

1 Session allows you to try coaching for the first time or receive targeted support whenever you need it!

5 Session Bundle (SAVE $25) – $350

A 5 Session Coaching Bundle allows you to build momentum toward larger goals and create space for deeper transformation. Plus you SAVE $25 from individual pricing!

10 Session Bundle (SAVE $100) – $650

A 10 Session commitment allows you to embark on a transformative and empowering journey! Through self-discovery & inspired action, you’ll learn to access all the inner resources you need to achieve meaningful goals that align with your TRUE self & highest purpose! You’ll receive consistent support, accountability and encouragement as you stretch & step into your true power & radiance! Plus, you SAVE $100 from single session pricing! Your BEST VALUE!

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re ready to courageously explore your truest self and learn to honor and give voice to all aspects of your being, get started TODAY by contacting me here to select your session or package!

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