“Confusion clouds the heart but it also points the way.” – Trevor Hall

My name is Elana Marlo and I am a Whole Person Certified Coach who specializes in supporting people through life and spiritual transitions so they can return home to their truest, radiant self. As someone who has traveled this path and championed others to do the same, I’m confident that you have what it takes to embark on this courageous and beloved journey of self-discovery; on it you’ll find everything you need to thrive and shine your brightest self!

You’ve come to the right place 

Have you lost clarity of who you are after a major life event, a change in your spiritual path or a disappointing medical diagnosis?

Major life transitions & faith crises can leave us feeling:

  • Disoriented & without vision on how to move forward
  • Isolated from our support systems
  • Less confident about our strengths and potential
  • Disconnected from our inner truth and resources

At a core level, we may start to feel unsure of who we are in this new phase of life. Sound familiar?

Hey, I’ve been there too.

Like many of you, life has thrown me a few curve balls, and I’ve undergone many major life transitions which challenged my ability to thrive, both spiritually, physically & professionally.

But today I can say that while much has changed, I feel at home in my expanded self. I’m at peace & in love with the evolution of my spiritual path. I feel compassion & kindness toward my body, even more so with my chronic health issues than when I considered myself healthy. I’m creating fulfilling work that energizes me, while supporting my wellbeing & health needs. And I can finally look back at the turns that brought me here and honor them for the ways they’ve shaped me into who I am today.

The Power of Life Coaching

But this journey didn’t happen overnight! It took time, intention, investment in new forms of professional support & lots of gentle kindness to rediscover myself, my strengths, gifts, passions & vision for the future.

One of my most pivotal professional supports during this time was a certified coach who guided me through the transformative process of reclaiming my true self. This experience solidified for me the life-changing potential of a powerful coaching relationship and is evidence of all that is possible for you, too!

I’m here for you!

If you could use a seasoned traveler to walk alongside you and hold sacred space for you in this uncharted territory, I’d love to support you! As your coach, I’ll help you awaken to your inner wisdom and abundant resources within to navigate life’s transitions with more joy, confidence & ease! Most importantly, my aim is to create a safe and judgement-free space where you can explore & learn to embrace ALL aspects of you & consciously live from your true radiance!

The Transformational Journey

From this resourceful, empowered state, you’ll be able to adapt and adjust to change more effectively and creatively overcome obstacles blocking your path forward.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your truest self, your core values and your key practices vital to thriving; from there, you can begin to consciously create the life you desire and handle life’s turns with greater peace and clarity.

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re ready to courageously explore your truest self and learn to honor and give voice to all aspects of your being, get started TODAY by contacting me here or…

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